Monday, November 29, 2010

We have been hit!

With the flu bug, that is. It all started Saturday morning. Joel woke up at 5:30 to leave for Buffalo with his brothers for a Bills game. They were going to be gone the entire week-end. At 8:00 a.m., El started it with his throwing up. Noah soon followed. You must understand folks, that I do NOT handle this kind of thing well. It's like my worst night-mare in Mommy-hood. But I managed somehow, and for the whole rest of the day, Noah seemed fine. Eli was tired and laid on the couch a lot, but otherwise, no more throwing up. 'Oh Good', I thought. "That's the end of it" Nope. Early Sunday morning, I woke up with a gurgly stomach. I didn't sleep much because of it. But by the time church rolled around,I thought I could go. The kids were supposed to sing a special that morning, so I didn't want to miss. However, all during church, I kept feeling....worse. I never did throw up or anything, but I felt horrible. Like a truck ran over me. No, make that ten trucks. My bones hurt. My muscles hurt....everything hurt! I collapsed at my in-laws house after church, and then my Dad's a little while later. Finally, around 6:30,I felt I had enough energy to get home. Dad followed me and helped me get the little ones in bed before he left. I called my husband in Buffalo and practically cried over the phone "I don't feeeeeeel good!" Poor guy. Like what was he supposed to do from Buffalo, right? Oh, then right after I talked to Joel, Cosette accidentally dropped the phone in the tub. Haha. So now, the phone was dead, and we had NO connection with the outside world, save Facebook. I messaged my sister and told her to call Joel and tell him what happened to the phone. And then, I laid on the bed and moaned. Sweet Cosette brought me cool wash wrags, rubbed my back, turned on my electric blanket, and found my Tylenol to bring down my 102 degree fever. Finally, around 10:30 I felt well enough to go to sleep. But not for long. At 12:30, Cosette ( who was sleeping in my bed), bumped me. 'Mommy, I think Noah needs you" Oh no. He was throwing up again! After two full days of feeling fine! So there I was at 12:30, feeling not so hot myself, cleaning up Noah's puke (forgive the word!). Lesson learned from all of this? The flu shot does NOT guarantee anything!!
So, long story short (yeah right!) here we all sit at 8:00a.m. on what should be a Monday school morning. Instead, we're all collapsed on the bed, watching library movies. So much for the plans of grocery shopping today and getting the Advent stuff ready and returning my hearing aid for some repair. Nope. We are just going to 'hang out', and thank God that Daddy will be home TODAY!!!

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Kelly said...

oh no - I'm so sorry you have all been sick. I hope you are all feeling better now and that Joel got home safely.


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