Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So blessed

It really is so very wise and wonderful how God created this thing we call family. Tiny, helpless little babies, completely dependant on their parents for their very survival. And then, those parents have the chance to mature those precious little souls and mold them into responsible, loving adults. How cool is that?

And, in the meantime, there is a benefit for the parents as well. They get to fall in love with these little people. And, the funny thing is, no matter what your child looks like, no matter what they are (or aren't) good at or talented in, all (good) parents will love those children and they will be beautiful in their eyes.

Already, I am amazed at how Cosette, in a little less than six years, has already learned so much. Much of 'who she will be' is already there, is already a part of her. And, while Joel and I will continue to teach her, train her, and pray for her, it has just been impressed on me lately the importance of not wasting a single day.

Now, I don't mean that we should all feel like complete failures when we are a little less than perfect. I'm sure that you, just like me, are still a work in progress. There are times when we react in a certain way, and look back later and see that we should have done things differently. But, as the old children's song goes, "He's still working on me".

But, what I do mean, is to live purposefully, with a goal always in front of us.

And so, what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'm thankful for falling in love with my children. For the chance to be their Mama. To have moments like these right in front of my very eyes.

To look at my children and feel so much love in my heart that it just kind of wells up inside of me, if that makes any sense at all.

And then, I pray for more of God's Grace to do things 'right'. Because, we know that our children are watching and copying everything we do, right down to our blue jeans, green shirts, and banana eating :)


Bettie said...

Jaime, Eddie and I enjoy so much watching your precious family grow in Christ. You and Joel are such wonderful examples to them. We will be thinking of you tomorrow. I know there will be an empty seat at your table but what a joyous thanksgiving it is knowing that your Mama is with our Lord.

Chuck said...

either this family is incredibly photogenic or you are developing yet another talent
Beautiful photographs, telling a beautiful story.


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