Tuesday, November 30, 2010

May the Light of His Love shine in your lives this Advent

We closed Jotham's Journey and put it back on the mantel. Our first Advent reading this year. The first year without mom. This very special time of year----it was always Mom's way of 'reclaiming' Christmas for our family. It holds a very near and dear place in my heart. I remembered the Christmas from what seems like so long ago when Mom read that very book to my siblings and I each night of Advent.

After we tucked our children in for the night, I noticed a large envelope had come for me in the mail. The return address was from a friend from our Homeschool Group of many years ago, whom I hadn't spoken to in several years. I wondered what she could be sending.

My eyes quickly scanned the letter she had neatly and lovingly typed on a sheet of Christmas paper. She explained how, after having a certain conversation several years before, my mom had written an e-mail to her daughter. The e-mail contained three pages of my mom's ideas about Advent, why it was important, and how much it meant to our family. She was enclosing a copy of the e-mail for me to read, after God had laid it upon her heart to do so.
Three pages.

Three whole long, wonderful pages of my mom's writing, my mom's ideas, my mom's thoughts. Words I had never heard from my mom before. New words, almost like having a new conversation with her. And yet, the ideas, the thoughts, were so familiar to me already, they were almost like having my mom right there in the room with me. I could literally hear her very voice in my head. "How can I say that Christmas isn't about the presents if that's exactly how I'm living? How can I show the world what this time of year means to me if I'm not celebrating any differently?"

I sat there and read the words, slowly and carefully, savoring every single one, with huge tears running down my face. I cry now as I type this. Tears of sadness, yes, because now, at this time of year more than ever, I miss my mom.

But also tears of rejoicing, because I know that what my mom tried so hard to teach her children will. live. on. Advent will continue in our home. MY children will know that we are not just celebrating the birth of the Baby, we are celebrating, waiting, anticipating....a 'Coming'

Advent= Coming

"Come, Lord Jesus......"

The letter blessed me so much, and arrived on the perfect evening. Is God calling you to be a blessing to somebody this holiday season?

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Marsha said...

Very beautifully put Jaime. My heart goes out to you all. I know what you are going through having lost my mother. It has been over 10 years since she passed. My prayers have been and will continue to be with your family.


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