Saturday, November 13, 2010


I just realized today that I haven't posted much this week. But what to tell you about? Or rather, how to choose the one thing to write a post on? Life is full, as usual. I could tell you how Leanna is starting to crawl---I think that's the earliest for any of my babies, maybe even earlier than Noah. I could tell you how Noah has barely taken off his Elmo costume since we bought it. I could tell you about my awesome date last night, when Joel and I ate at Ruby Tuesday's, and sat there for two hours, just eating and talking. It was great :) Or how, when we got back, Cosette had gotten sick at Grandma's house and thrown up. She's fine today. It might also be beneficial to note that when I took the kids to get their flu shots, Cosette, for some reason, was horribly afraid, and kicked and screamed, and would not let them put the nasal spray in properly. No big surprise that she was the only one of us to get sick then, is it? GO flu shots!!!
I could tell you how I am learning how to keep this 'larger' house clean. Okay, some days I feel like I'm failing. No matter how hard or how long I work, there is always more following right behind me. But Joel assures me that my biggest and most important job is raising four happy, God-fearing children. So, in other words, if the laundry is falling behind, but I took time to love my kids, then all is well :)
Well, it's a Saturday afternoon and Joel is out in the garage fixing some kitchen stools, and I'm going to mix up some chocolate chip cookie bars. Yum....hoping for a cozy evening in my home with no more sickness :)

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Elizabeth said...

chocolate chip cookie bars sound yummy :) Your Eli comment about praying for "Bama, or whatever his name is" reminds me of something another little person said the other day. I teach a family of home-schooled children and their youngest daughter, Abby who is only 3 years old, was doing some kind of lesson with her mother that was teaching her about who is in control and when to be respectuful, things along that line (I forget the details, sorry :) So, in response to some question about who is in charge (in the context an answer like "God" or "Mommy" would have been completely appropriate and out of her mouth came "President Obama". Smart little children :)


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