Thursday, November 25, 2010

Learning what it means to be truly thankful this year. Because, during this year, I've learned that the people you love can be taken from you in an instant. And so, I'm more determined than ever to 'love' my family with that much more sense of purpose.
We are eating our 'main' meal with Joel's family today, so we had my family over last night for a 'pre-Thanksgiving' meal :) We didn't do a whole Thanksgiving dinner----just a 'fallish' type of meal, and it may become a yummy tradition around here.

Lovin' my baby

Noah waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for his dinner

Don't worry, it's just sparkling grape juice

Everybody :) And oh, look, I made it into a picture!

My grandfather, Leanna's Great-Grandfather

Apple pies are too much work to not get a picture of them!

Love that smile

Uncle Wray and Noah and Butterscotch pie :)

Table decorations made lovingly by Cosette

My grandma and Noah

Uncle Wray and Brittany, filling out their 'Thankful' leaves

My girls, pretty in pink

Our completed thank-you leaf banner

I've always wanted a mantel, even if it's only
over a gas fireplace :)

A closeup of Cosette's fall art-work

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