Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I bet you will smile......

Had to record these somewhere so I wouldn't forget them:
  • When asked what kind of an animal a turtle is, Eli responded with : "A reptangle!" I loved this!

  • Joel's Dad was taking family pictures for us last Sunday. He had been trying to get Leanna to smile for quite some time. But it was Eli's turn now, and as he hopped up to get his picture taken, Grandpa started to make some more funny sounds to hopefully get a smile. Eli looked at him and said "Grandpa, stop! I'm a big boy!"

  • Cosette said to me the other day: "Mama, I really want to get married and be a mama some day! You know, sometimes I just wish the right man would come along for me!"

  • Eli prayed this morning: "Dear God, I pray for President 'Bama, or, whatever his name is!"

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