Thursday, November 04, 2010

Being a mom has it's ups and downs, I know. The training, the teaching, the discipline, the cleaning....our days our full!

You may have days like this, where a simple instruction like 'Please clear the table' results in children climbing the fridge shelves (literally!)

Or you may have days like this, where children sit peacefully at the table, working diligently on their science projects.

It's a turtle!

As your children sit there peacefully around the school table, you think "I CAN do this! I CAN be a mama and a teacher and a wife, and I CAN do it well!"

But then, just as you're feeling a tad bit cocky about this whole mama-teacher business, something happens. Like, maybe the toilet clogs, or you drop the ceramic tooth brush holder in the bathroom and smash it to smithereens, or your daughter gets a really bad diaper and leaks yucky yellow stuff all over the place, and maybe all this happens at the same time. (I'm just sayin', like, in theory, IF all this happened :)
Oh, and while all that is happening, you forget about your oldest daughter's science experiment from the morning which is baking in the oven, and, well, you let it burn.
And while you're standing there, looking at the pan full of severely burned, hard like rock rolls, you think "I can't do this after all!!! I CAN'T be a mama and a teacher and a wife, all at the same time!" I break things and I clog things and I burn things and I let my baby daughter's diaper leak all over the place.

But then, just as it's almost too late, and you're seriously contemplating about running away to Florida, you remember that you're right, YOU CAN'T do this! It's only God working through you. HE can be brought glory through your day, through your life, through your actions, your responses.

So, you remind your daughter about her Bible lesson from that morning on persevering, and how it's never good to give up.

And you help her to mix up yet another batch of homemade rolls, and pay a little closer attention to them this time. And as you stand there looking at the perfect, soft, squishy warm rolls, you think, "Yep, it's ONLY God!"

And then, when lessons are over, and everybody has learned what they need to learn for the day, you decide to curl up on the living room rug and take a nap. Well, okay, you really only DREAM of curling up and taking a nap. Unless, of course, you happen to be five months old. Then you really do it :)


Marsha said...

Well said, Jaime! Just God's way of bringing you even closer to Him.

plantmyappletree said...

Your post definitely gave me a valuable lesson for the visit of my friend's daughter, too.

I am sure you are a great Mom. And actually the "kitchen accidents" my mother had during all the years taught me a better lesson than perfect results: "just try again and laugh about the first mess".


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