Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where I came home to

Dear little Rancher,
You have been a good little house. The past 7 years have been quite an adventure for you! Exciting times, sad times, happy times, quiet times, noisy times......we lived them all right here in you.
It was here that Joel and I came home to after our honeymoon. It was here that he chased the flying squirrel around the kitchen one night. It had escaped into the kitchen through a little hole under the sink, and it was quite the entertainment to watch Joel try to get it back outside!
Dear little house, it was you that heard our happy voices when we found out our first little one was on the way. It was you who helped us to welcome our little girl, then our little boy, then our second little boy, and finally, our Leanna Rose, just four months ago.
And dear little house, it was your floor I sank to just seven weeks ago when we got that devestating call at midnight one night. It was you who heard my sobs as I cried out to God to please, please spare my Mama. It was you who offered me shelter those following weeks as I mourned the loss of my dear Mom.
Your walls have the crayon marks of an artistic little four year old. Your kitchen smelled the aroma of my first bread attempts. Your windows have suffered the dirty neglect of a Mama who is too busy with other things to worry about cleaning them. You have heard the happy sounds of children playing, the sweet sounds of their voices praying.
In short, little house, it is here that we have lived our lives for the past 7 years. And while we rejoice to be moving on to new and different things, you will always hold a special place in my heart. When I look back on my children as babies, it is here that I will picture them. Call me a sentimental fool, if you must, but a very small part of me is sad to be leaving you. Even though you lack the staircase, the fireplace, the big kitchen, the extra bathroom, and the big front porch, I wouldn't have traded the past 7 years living in you. Thank you, little house, for memories that will last a lifetime.


Chuck said...

You are a very good writer Jaime.

Kristin said...

This post just seriously messed up my mascara :)

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, you almost got me crying too :) I felt a little emotional when I was helping you pack today. Brought back many memories of the houses I lived in, loved, and left. Hold on to those beautiful memories and enjoy your beautiful new home where you are going to make many more! It was wonderful to see you today and help out.

Anonymous said...

That is nice Jaime. I thought you would have such a moment at some time before you actually leave your first home. I'm a sentimental fool too if that is what it is.
Mom C

Anonymous said...

Jaime Girl:
My tears are flowing so hard right now... I hadn't cried for wks now, and it feels so good. I think they were bottled up inside again. Im glad you have good memories, but so sad that the night we will always remember took place in your little house...Mom loved you and your family soooo much...and would be so happy for you right now!! Im sure she is looking down Praising God for providing Joel and your family with such a COZY new 2 story home and not a rancher!!! Thanks for posting and giving me so many good memories and thoughts. I love you Jaime Girl....Dad


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