Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's made me smile this week

Many, many things made me smile! Here are just a few:

A successful second grade science experiment! Cosette was learning about yeast and how it breaks down sugar to create carbon dioxide, and we succeeded in blowing up this plastic bag :)

Before you look at the next set of pictures, I have to put a disclaimer here. We do not celebrate halloween. I'm not trying to knock anybody who does, we just don't feel comfortable for our own family celebrating a holiday that rejoices over such evil things---witches and ghosts in our front yard? No thank you! But, regardless, my kids DO love to dress up. So when Cosette asked if they could get new costumes to dress up in and have cupcakes one night when Grandma was coming over, I couldn't say no.

I was a little unsure about Eli's choice of costume until he informed me that he was a 'knight, going to fight the bad guys'. Well okay, I could live with that :)

My two matching bunny rabbits

And finally, my Elmo. As forlorn as he looks in this photo, he actually loved the costume, and hasn't taken it off since last night---uh-oh! ;)

This is a random picture of my birthday cake from last week at the beach. I forgot to post it, but my Grandma made it for me, and it was so pretty I had to share the picture.

My silly kids making 'cake in a cup'. The cake actually turned out kind of spongy, but the process was fun!

And lastly, my little guy helping dad carry in his lunch box after a long day. Gotta love those sunglasses on top of his head!


Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures and pretty cake! :)

plantmyappletree said...

I want an Elmo sweater for myself! This looks so cozy.


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