Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sorry, I got side-tracked with vacation and forgot about posting :) But we're home now, so back to life as normal. We had a beautiful week of enjoying the ocean and time together with each other (and the hot tub and oreos and sea-food and manicures and flying kites), and now we're going to 'finish' moving into this new house of ours now....a few more shelves to hang, all our family photos yet to go on the walls, a table to buy for the school room.....but we're glad to be back home! The trip home that should have lasted about 8 hours stretched into about 10 as we got stuck for a little while in bad traffic, and little voices from the back seat kept saying "I need to go potty''. Yeah, traveling with three little people plus a nursing infant was challenging, but they all really did do great! When we got back, our sweet kitty had left a present for us---two dead mole-type creatures, right on my kitchen floor. Joel was thrilled to know we have such a good 'mouser', and I had an immediate talk with the cat about where to leave such presents in the future (NOT my kitchen floor!) :)
So, we're going to spend a quiet afternoon home tomorrow before we dive right into the hustle and bustle of fall and back to work and school on Monday. Have a blessed Sunday, everybody!

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