Monday, October 18, 2010

"Aunt Kristin, what is this? This isn't the size of my normal bath tub. I'm not so sure I'm liking this!"

"Hey, watch out Eli! Now I'm seriously wet! Nope, I definitely don't like this"

"Eli, would you please tell Aunt Kristin that this is about enough?"

"Oh no, wait, I see what we're doing now. Motorboat. Yeah, this is fun, I think I could really get into this..."

"Hey look, quick, everybody smile, I see my favortie person in the whole world---mom!"


Anonymous said...

Hehe, that is so cute! I can totally see why Kristin just needs to work as 'nanny'.
And Leannas smile is just adorable.


... if I did everything right last year I am quite sure it is your birthday today - is it?
(Only that "today" starts a bit earlier on my side of the world.)

A special birthday for you on that special vacation and all of Gods blessings! (though I am sure that this day will also hurt a lot without your Mom)

Marsha said...

Such a precious smile. Looks like Kristin is enjoying herself too.

Chuck said...

the progression was a great analogy
to our Christian walk
hard, unfamiliar, not liking it, oh,
wait a minute, I am being held, I'm safe, God is good, this is good!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm really impressed that Chuck got that out of those pictures! I went back and looked at them again thinking of that and you're is a great analogy!! :)

Happy belated birthday, Jaime :) I'm guessing since I was early last week, I'm not really late :) I was thinking of you yesterday--I found out like 3 other people that shared your birthday with you! :)

Looks like you are having a really good time. Leanna is precious :) But, we already knew that!! :) :)


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