Friday, October 01, 2010

And we're in!

Well, in the house, with the keys, but not actually moved in yet. Here's how our day went:

6:45: Joel left for work, I fed the baby

7:30-9:00--Mad rush to get myself and all the kiddos ready for the day, plus pack diaper bags for all the different directions everybody was headed today

9:30: Drop three big kids off at Grandma's house and pick Joel up from work

10:00 Final walk-thru of the house

11:00: Closing

1:00 New fridge is delivered to the NEW house :)

2:00: Pick up kids from Grandma's

3:00-5:00 Check out the new house--cupboards, stove, where light switches are, (decide that we are definitely not painting over the pink paint in Cosette's new room after all because it is, apparently, the coolest thing to happen since sliced bread.....) that type of thing :)

5:00: Pizza Party! All our family came over for pizza and a 'tour', which I was more than happy to give them :)

7:00: Noah goes home with Aunt Bekah to spend the night and be 'out of the way' while we paint tomorrow

7:30: Start slapping different paint options up on the wall to test them----doubt myself over and over and have trouble deciding on a paint color.

8:00: Head 'home' (which now doesn't feel quite so much like home anymore), and fall into bed exhausted, ready for a good night's sleep and a full day of painting tomorrow!

Don't worry, I'll be posting some pictures of the house as we get it painted and moved in :)

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