Monday, September 27, 2010

Room clean-up, Eli and Cosette style

Eli style:

"Hey Eli, please go get started on cleaning up your messy room before dinner time."

5 minutes later "Eli, are you cleaning up your room?"

Eli: "OH, did you mean right NOW?" (As if I had been speaking French or something)

Ten minutes later: "Eli, are you cleaning up? You're not cleaning up, you're playing with Legos!"

Eli: "No Mama, I'm cleaning up, I'm just driving them each to the bucket"

Ten MORE minutes later

Eli: "Mama, Did you mean my WHOLE room? I can't do it all by myself."

Ten minutes later

Eli: "Mama, I'm done!"

Mama: "Eli, cleaning your room does not mean stuffing everything in the corners and under your bed. Now, let's try this again. Hang up your jacket. Okay, now, put your cars in the basket. Great, now, please throw the paper scraps away.......

Twenty minutes later:

Mama: "This room is finally clean!" (And I think to myself that teaching your 4 year old to clean his own room is almost as hard as pulling teeth)

Room clean up, Cosette style:

Mama: "Cosette, please go clean up your room before dinner"

Five minutes later:

Mama: "Oh, I see your room is all clean now, AND you vacuumed your carpet and organized your desk! Great work!"

Don't tell ME there's no difference between boys and girls.....

To Eli's credit, he IS getting much better at's just not his natural gifting :)


Chuck said...

Cossette is God's gift to you and you are not not not not
allowed to compare any other child to her.
Each has their own beauty, but some are just made to be an absolute gift to the parent.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I don't think it's boys and girls... I was definitely on Elis side of the world and maybe I still am :-)


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