Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Packing Highlights

As I carried a box out to the kitchen, Eli said "You know, I can carry that for you, mom!" He said it in his most macho, strong-man voice. I hesitated just a second, because the box was rather heavy. But, not wanting to disappoint him, I said okay. He put out both arms, and I carefully handed him the box. He stood there for a second, surprised at how heavy it was. He didn't take a single step, he just stood there. He scrunched his face all up. He bit his tongue. He started to turn purple. There was steam coming out his ears ;) Every muscle in his body willed him to carry that box to the living room.

But alas, it was just no use. He sat the box down in defeat and looked up at me with a sad look on his face. I rubbed his head playfully and said "Don't worry, Bud, it was just awkward, that's all." He smiled happily and said "Yeah, I'll carry the next box!"

And I was reminded in that moment how much he wants to protect and take care of his Mommy. And I also remembered how important it is for me to let him protect and care for me right now. Like when he proudly carries two bags of groceries in on each arm. Or when he holds the front door open for me with a smile and then closes it behind me.

Some day, my little boy may grow up and have a wife and a family to protect and care for. And I am his 'practice run'. It is often said that a girl should watch how a man talks to and respects his mom, because he will treat her the same way.

I remember watching my husband when we were courting, and it was obvious that he loved his mom. He treated her, and still does, with the utmost respect. He viewed the work she did in their home as a great gift and 'calling' that his mom had. He would often say things like "Nobody makes pie like MY mom", or "Well, I know mom does it this way....", or "I remember helping mom....." And today, he treats me in the same way---with love, respect, admiration, etc, etc.

And in that moment, as I stood there watching my little man try so hard to carry that box, I saw a bit of his Daddy shining through. And let me tell you, nothing makes me happier :)


Marsha said...

You have a wonderful, caring husband. I see how he is with you and the kids. It gives me hope that perhaps there is a young man out there who will treat my girls as kindly as your husband treats you. I was getting disheartened by a lot of the younger men today that perhaps the "true gentleman" may be a dying breed. Glad to know there is hope. Hope your move goes well! :)

Elizabeth said...

On the above note....I sure hope there is still hope because I'm still waiting on my 'gentleman' to find me! :)

You reminded me tonight of the visit I just got back from. I went home to visit my brother and mom, eat out at pizza hut, hang out for a few hours at home and then I came back. Of all the things my brother and I bicker about, there is 1 really important thing I see in him. He loves his mom SO MUCH. He was so thankful for all she did for him these past several months. And, I think it was a lesson in being humble for him, because he does such a wonderful job of helping his family out that to be served instead of serving was a hard thing for him to accept.

Your little Eli WILL be big someday and I know he's going to grow into just as wonderful of a son/brother/husband/dad someday as his own father is. You are one blessed lady! :) Oh, and I'm sure Noah will be your gentlemanly mommy's boy :) But, when he grows up, don't you ever tell him I said that :) I think you are so blessed to have two great sons and they will also be great protectors to their 2 sisters :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Eli is a sincere and caring little boy. And yes, I appreciate that in Joel too.

Mom C


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