Friday, September 03, 2010

Day #2

Okay, so you get more than one picture today. Because life in our house can hardly be documented with just one picture a day---it's too lively around here for that :)

Joel had the kids last night while I went to Bible Study. They were begging him to make masks for them. Actually, Eli wanted a whole tiger outfit, but Joel informed him that a mask would have to do :) Isn't he a cool Daddy? Oh, and apparently Cosette wanted a princess crown, not a mask.

My little lady's favorite sleeping position. I think she looks like a little frog with her legs like that!

And finally, Eli's sun-dial that he made. He's studying the sun in school this week, so he's been doing all kinds of 'sun' experiments. On Tuesday, we put out grapes in the sun to watch them slowly turn into raisins. But a certain little brother ate the experiment before it was finished. Fortunately, this experiment had a better turn-out :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Nice pictures, Jaime :) I love Eli's tiger mask :) Enjoy these last summer's a bit chilly in Morgantown today...just enough that I think I can turn my AC off now!


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