Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day # 13

Well, I DID pick up my camera today to take a fun picture, but---aahh!!! There were no batteries in it. I couldn't find any of the right size around the house, either. So I'll have to describe the picture to you instead....

It was going to be a picture of our dining room table, right after school was done for the morning. You would be amazed. There was the expected pile of notebooks and books, pencils and crayons, scissors, colored pencils, glue sticks, construction paper clippings, etc. But then, there was ALSO Noah's end of the table. You see, Noah's 'school' is to play with play-dough happily while the big kids do their work. He plays with it for a while, and then he crumbles it all up and drops it, and rolls it across the table, and throws it across the floor. So this, added to the normal 'school' mess in my kitchen, made it look like a mini tornado had blown through. But honestly, there was quality learning and education going on here :)

Oh, and I might note, to my own delight, that our new house has a school room. *Contented Sigh* Pure bliss!

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