Thursday, September 02, 2010

30 days

I loved Jen's idea to blog a month of their life with pictures. I'll try to do the same over the next month---to document our beginning of school, move to the new house, etc. And strangely enough, I thought that for the first day, the easiest way to give you a 'peek into our lives' was to show you our 'catch all' dry erase board, messy as it may be. So, contained on our dry erase board is..........

.....the on-going documenting of our Scrabble games, showing Joel's won 23 and I've won 8--enough said; a note that panini sandwiches are a great quick dinner idea; areas left to clean before we move--our list is growing smaller!!; Cosette's skip-counting--it's 6's for this week; a sloppy list of school supplies left to purchase; a reminder to e-mail a friend and get my piano's serial numbers to another friend--a task I've been meaning to do for about a week now; Eli's 'words of the week'--Jesus is the Light of the World', along with his science study--the sun; a reminder to make Leanna's four-month shot appointment at the end of September, and a picture of the reading club photo that was so ironically in the paper the day of my mom's funeral. Yes, my mom is in the picture also. As you can see, our dry erase board is pure randomness , if that's a word :)

And that is our 'current life issues' in dry erase board format :) More pictures tomorrow, hopefully :)

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