Saturday, August 07, 2010

What better reason to celebrate than your Grandmother's 70th birthday? I hope that if I ever turn 70, I'm able to have a room full of people who love me and want to wish me a happy birthday! I have always been privileged to live no further than 20 minutes or so away from my grandparents, and they were a huge part of my life growing up. I remember one time baking peanut butter cookies with Grandma when I was little and being amazed that she didn't have to measure every single ingredient into the mix :)

Anyway, I digress (which is a common flaw of mine....) We all arrived at the restaurant around 5:00 or so, and started to mingle in the room, waiting for my pap to bring Grandma a little while later (it was a SURPRISE! :)

While we waited, we....

talked and drank ice water---supposing, you see, that the ice water would cancel out all of the negative calories of the tea and soda we would consume later ;)

made 'big brother' type of silly faces.

tried (unsuccessfully) to get a picture of all of my grandma's 'young' grandchildren/ great grandchildren who were there. No easy task I tell you, trying to get kids to all look in the same direction!

Oh, and we also played funny games with the air conditioning.

But after just a little while, in she came! If she wasn't really surprised, she did a good job of faking it :) The funny thing is, my pap looks more surprised in this photo than my grandma :) By the way, isn't she amazing? You would have never guessed she was turning 70, would you??

Love this photo of them together.

My little man with his olive-colored skin tone. The Italian in him makes him so photogenic! And don't worry, that huge soda in front of him was NOT his :)

This is my uncle's son 'holding Leanna'. Isn't he cute? He's just adorable! Noah is only about 2 1/2 months older than him.

And finally, this rather random snap-shot happens to be my brother. Isn't he handsome? The good looks run in our family ;) By the way, he DOES smile, I just caught him un-prepared. :)

And that ends the birthday celebrations of a lady we all love. Happy Birthday, Grandma!!


Anonymous said...

What nice pictures and posted so soon too! You are amzing. ummm...the soda may not have been Noah's but I believe he managed to scarf some anyway... and your uncle's son looks a lot like your cousin. I love to pick on you Jaime.

Elizabeth said...

NIce pictures, Jaime. Leanna looks like she could be her cousin's sister in that picture. They are BOTH very cute :)

This is the first time I remember seeing pictures of this side of your family----great looking group! Glad you all had a wonderful day together :)


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