Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some good news

My apologies for not keeping up better on here this past little bit. But I'm sure you all understand with everything we've been going through. Time does heal, though--time, and especially friends, family, and the Body of Christ. We are pulling through this, slowly but surely. I know you are all anxious to see some pictures of Sunshine. She's headed to the vets tomorrow for check up and shots. The kids love her. I love that she has provided wonderful distraction and someone for them to pour their love out on during this difficult time for our family. I will try to post pictures soon.

I did want to stop in for just a minute to let you all know our exciting news. We just signed a contract on a new house yesterday!!! :) :) :) Yes, it is the same one we looked at eight months ago. It was still sitting there for sale. We went to look at it again, and loved it just as much. The price had come waaaay down from their original listing, and we had reached some financial goals in the meantime that we were wanting to reach before we considered the house again. So all in all, it seemed like the right time and the right house after all! I am ecstatic! So happy! So glad that we waited until the timing was right. My mom would have loved the house. She would have loved that there was a 'school room'. She would have loved the nice big flat back yard with plenty of room for a garden and the kids swing set. She would have loved that it is only two houses up from where our Pastor's family lives, and the house in between that belongs to some other friends from church. She would have helped me make curtains for it. I will miss not being able to have her around to celebrate with us. But I take comfort in the fact that I know she would have loved it :) I will keep you all updated over the next few weeks as we work on closing details, etc.


Elizabeth said...

Jaime, thanks for sharing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SOO SOO happy for you! I was thinking the past couple of weeks, wondering where you were at with all of that. I could not think of a family more deserving of a new home. You have made the home you're at now beautiful and efficient for all of the needs you've had (bedrooms, school space, play space, etc.). I still remember the day you told me you and Joel were going over to paint and prepare your home for after your wedding. It's hard to believe those same two people have got 4 beautiful kids now!

I know that you're going to love your new home and so will your family. I can't wait to see pictures :) When moving day comes, if you need help CALL ME! I'm an experienced packer :) I also can help occupy the kids if you just need someone to entertain them while you're doing all of that. Anyways, CONGRATS AGAIN! :)

plantmyappletree said...

Oh, the new house, congrats! My list of photos that I want to see here gets longer and longer: Sunshine, the house :-)

Maybe you can think of something special to grow in the garden as reminder of your Mom. My Mom loved gardening and when I was a kid, she used to undig small trees in the woods and then grew them in our garden.
Maybe there is a favorite flower or tree or fruit(tree) that your Mom appreciated.

You will have soooo much work with the move now. When will you be moving?


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