Monday, August 30, 2010

Just in case having your mom pass away, starting home-school for the year, and buying a new house don't make life crazy enough......

....this afternoon happened. Settle in for a long read. You'll laugh. I guarantee it.

The kids and I had to run out this morning before lunch for just a couple of errands---the library, the post office, and my favorite health food store. In the health food store, Cosette eyed a roll of that 6-foot long Bubble Gum. And she had allowance money in her pocket. She asked me so nicely if she could buy it. Now, our kids eat a very limited amount of candy and sugar and gum. Especially gum with sugar in it. But, she did have her own money. And sometimes, you just have to 'let kids be kids'. I mean, no kid should grow up without having at least one chance to enjoy the sugary goodness of 6 whole feet of bubble gum all to yourself. (whatever!) So, long story short, I let her buy it, very much against my own good judgment. *Note to mothers out there: If you're about to let your child do something 'against your own good judgment', just don't let them do it!

Anway, I let her and Eli both have a small piece on the way home, and then when we got home, I was busy getting lunch ready and completely forgot about the bubble gum. Cosette left it on the floor of Noah's room during nap-time. Yep. Did I just hear you all go "Uh-oh?"

When I went to check on Noah, who should have been sleeping, I found him surrounded by little tiny bits of bubble gum in his crib. Like, maybe four inches worth of gum. The rest of the roll was....gone. I searched the room over for this gum. Under the bed, under the sheets, in the drawers.....everywhere. It was just not there. I winced and said "Noah, did you eat all of this gum?" He grinned, nodded 'yes', and pointed happily into his open mouth. I groaned.

I called my husband, who laughed and said "I'd eat it too, if I were two!" Okay, no help there!

I called my sister, the CNA. She winced too. "Um, call your pediatrician!"

I called my pediatrician, who also winced, said "Ewww!!!.....Um, call poison control!"

I was growing exasperated. For someone who hates talking on the phone, this was an awful lot of phone calls.

I called poison control, who assured me that the gum was non-toxic, and shouldn't cause any more problems than a tummy-ache and maybe some constipation.

I breathed a relieved sigh, hung up the phone, and decided that all naps were hopeless for the day. It was now officially one of those afternoons when as a mama, you have to throw up your hands in defeat and put in a movie.

Now, how's the best way to get some fiber into a two year old?? :)


Anonymous said...

benefiber: odorless, tasteless - mixes clear into any beverage: great way to get fiber into a two year old ;o) - Thanks for sharing!-LauraBean

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the smile Jaime, even though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, I'm glad you're laughing at it now!!

And I'm guessing Cosette doesn't exactly want to buy gum again, now that her savings ended up in her brother's tummy. That's why when I had $1 saved up as a kid, I once bought a whole pack of Little Debby cakes (the white ones with zebra stripes :) And I proudly hoarded them for myself.....thankfully that was a ONE TIME incident :)

Hope you have a more relaxing evening! :)


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