Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have not been faithful to my blog this week. I'm sorry. I've just had too much running through my head and happening in my life to find time to type out a readable post that makes sense!

We've been looking at houses again. Only this time, seven months later, we're in a different (better) financial position, which I won't go into detail about, that leaves us more options to consider. The house we loved so much seven months ago is still sitting there. Still for sale. We had prayed and hoped that it would be! So tempting! But then, then.....we found this other house for sale----beautiful! I fell in love with it! Even more than the first house, if you can believe that. This second house was a recently remodeled Victorian style home with five bedrooms, three FULL bathrooms, a huge dining room, a 'sun' room, a little sitting room, plenty of options for a school room----it was gorgeous, literally! But, it was in a 'less than ideal' location (part of the reason why we could afford such a place!!) It was also 'out of the way' as far as Joel's work and our family and church-life are concerned. We haven't ruled it out yet. However, we're having trouble deciding between the gorgeous, perfect, ideal house in the less-than-ideal location, and the not quite so ideal house (yet still very nice and liveable!) in a much more ideal location. Or, we could just stay where we are and put a big addition on our current house, which is also being discussed. Or, we could just stay where we are for the time being and do nothing until we find that ideal house that's also in the ideal location. Decisions, decisions...........I can't wait to see what we decide :) We are lucky to be in a position where we don't have to move right away---although our little rancher is quickly feeling smaller and smaller as our children get bigger and bigger :)

Also, in my very full life of changing diapers and potty training and looking for 'for sale' signs as I drive along the road, I've been trying to 'put away' some garden foods this year. Applesauce, green beans.....tomorrow is peaches and strawberries. 15 pounds of strawberries, to be precise :) Yum---they smell SO good!

Sorting through school books for the coming fall-----I've got all my curriculum for Cosette's second grade year and Eli's kindergarten year, I just have to organize it all and make sure I understand the lesson plans----and purchase all my necessary supplies-----like paper and notebooks and folders and glue sticks, and pencils and....well, you know, typical school supplies. I keep picturing our family in one of those new houses with a nice school room that doesn't have to double as our kitchen table :)

And that, folks, is why I should not be up at 11:30 p.m. typing this! So, headed to bed to get some rest before those strawberries start calling my name bright and early.........


Elizabeth said...

Jaime---I think we both share the dilemma of liking late nights AND early mornings---they don't go together very well, do they?! I'll be praying for you the rest of this week as you and Joel go through all of these decisions. I'm sorry I won't be there tomorrow night. I've been dealing with a heap full of things myself lately and it's been making it difficult to focus on the other things I'm trying to accomplish because I'm so preoccupied with my problems. I'm learning a new appreciation for my quiet time with the Lord.

Helen said...

Praying for you doing the right decision... and can't wait to see the new house some day, whichever it might be.

I am amazed that you find time to run a blog at all. I do not even have kids and do not manage to post that regularly.


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