Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Talk

Leanna said her first word. And, no kidding, it sounded exactly like this: "Agoo". What? You don't know what that means?? It means:

" Why hello Mommy! You are the most incredible, awesome, amazing mommy that ever lived, and I love this yummy milk that you are giving me. I would just like to sit here all day and cuddle up with you. Thank you for being SO fabulous, Mommy! You're my favorite person in the world"

There now. If a baby ever says that to you, you'll know exactly what they mean. :)


Kristin said...

Thats interesting. I always that "Agoo" meant, "Where is Aunt Kristin?"

I'll have to research this :)

Elizabeth said...

hahaha :-) I'm laughing at the cuteness of the interpretation AND Kristen's definitive translation : ) You two could make A LOT OF MONEY writing a definitive baby-translater book :) And I bet A LOT of people would buy it!

Anonymous said...

I think "agoo" need to get out more, mommy. :)


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