Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yesterday was applesauce day. Picture my whole kitchen stuffed with apples. Apples washing in the sink, apples simmering on the stove, apples being squashed at the table---yeah, a lot of apples! I was sure I had taken a picture of Cosette helping me. But I can't find it. So I must not have taken it. I must have only imagined that I took it :) But anyway, we canned/froze 37 pints of applesauce. Then we had apple dumplings for dinner. That was my husband's bright idea :) And my big kids were such a big help! Cosette washed apples and squashed apples. She stirred sugar and filled containers. Eli made it a point to show off his 'muscles' by drying all the big pots after we washed them.

Today, I am doing green beans. I've never canned green beans before today, so I'm hoping they turn out well. It's the first year I've had enough beans out of my garden to do anything with, so that made me happy!

And beyond the 'gardening/preserving' aspects of summer, the kids are having fun in so many other ways :)

Here's Leanna showing off her sun hat we bought for the beach this fall. I think her head may need to grow a little before then ;)
And no, I can't take a picture of Leanna without Cosette insisting on joining in. She loves her baby sister like crazy!

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