Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stats and a link

Today was pediatrician day---first shots for Leanna, two-year boosters for Noah. Not my cup of tea. Oh, and plus, Joel had to work, so I was facing taking them by myself. Nope, not happening. I drug along my sister. Poor girl. One day she's gonna disown me, just so she won't get stuck going to all my kids doctor's appointments. No, seriously, being the professional CNA that she is, she decided to tackle it with me and get the job done. Here's what we found out at the doctor's today:

Leanna: Has been chowing down on my milk and now weighs 10 lb, 10 oz, and is 21 3/4 inches long. Hated her shots, screamed 'till she was red in the face :(

Noah: 25 lb, 33 inches tall. Has slightly low iron, probably due to all the milk he drinks---we'll be pumping those Flintstone vitamins :) He also has flat feet----which we think is a genetic thing. He loved the band aid they put on his toe when they tested his iron level. He HATED the pediatrician, and HATED HATED HATED his shots. Clung to me, screamed, tried to get away---THIS is why I took my sister along :)

All in all, everyone is healthy, doing well, and growing like they should :)

Oh, and a fun link I had to share with you all. People sometimes ask me why we have chosen to have so many children so close together. Well, read this link. It was hilarious. And although I don't have eight children, only four, it sounds exactly like what happens in our house every time a new baby is born. I laughed and laughed. I was reminded again of WHY Joel and I have made the decisions we have. Please read it, it's worth your time!

Oh, and remember my post from a couple days ago about choosing the 'better' over the 'good'? Well, here is a picture of my house after a week of VBS and a day at the pediatrician's office:

Just so you know I'm practicing what I preach ;)

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