Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noah talk

Noah Shaun has been my latest 'talker' so far. It's funny, because he obviously understands everything, and finds interesting ways to communicate his own ideas, but all without words. I think his older siblings just 'out-talk' him most of the time :) Still, he turns two this week, and we are slowly starting to hear some actual words come from his mouth! Here is some translation for our 'Noahese' :)




'Noi Noi'--Noah Noah---he usually says this when he wants to do something all by himself. We still don't know why he says it twice, though!

"Mrum Mrum Mrum!!!"--Okay, this one is really a sound, not a word, but it's the one he uses most---whenever he hears or sees a motorcycle or a truck with a loud engine :)

"Mom"---Yep, just what it looks like :) And he says it allllllllllll the time!

More updates on my almost-two-year-old later this week :)


Elizabeth said...

:) Can't wait to hear all about his birthday! :)

plantmyappletree said...

Silly me - I read and read and read your blog on the Feedreader and forget commenting all the time.

I loved all the recently posted photos, so precious!

I like the age when they start talking a lot - it can be so very funny. And "MRUM" is most likely a boy favorite 'word'.

My newphews first words were Hammer, Dodge and Twuck (the "r" wouldn't work for a looong time).


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