Friday, July 23, 2010

A need to clarify

Okay, it occured to me that any of you who were interested enough to read the link from my post yesterday (which, you really should, it's excellent), might be a bit confused right now. Especially if you don't know me in real life. You see, the article I linked to was on a Catholic web page. I really liked the article, and thought it worth linking to, but no, I am not Catholic.

I realized that any of you who read my page might not really know anything about my denominational background. And, while I don't believe that denominational factors should be a deviding thing among Christians,(for instance, my grandparents are Methodist, I went to a Baptist college, and Joel's grandparents were conservative Mennonite....) there are many things about a denomination and it's belief factors that could help define who a person is. So, without further 'ado'.....

My family and I (meaning Joel and our kids) belong to a church in the Conservative Mennonite Conference. We love this church!! We started attending this church almost five years ago. The church is very active in our community, and we're getting ready to break ground on a new building so that we'll have more space to better reach people. It you just walked into our church service on a Sunday morning, you might not think 'Mennonite' in the more traditional sense of the word. The service would simply strike you as a contempory worship service, complete with a worship band. The church has a more 'conservative' Mennonite history, however, and we're thankful for these pillars of the faith who still attend and can be a light and a guide to our children.

I grew up Nazarene. For those of you unfamiliar with this rather small denomination, think 'Holiness unto the Lord, Set apart, Sanctification', that type of thing. I have many fond memories of Bible Quizzing, youth conferences, and other such activities in the Nazarene Denomination growing up. The Scriptural foundation I gained during those years plays a big part in my faith and who I am now. Thank God for my Nazarene background!

Joel grew up in a non-denominational church that his father pastored. His Dad now pastors a church called Calvary Fellowship that is loosely affiliated with the Calvary Chapel churches.

Joel's mom's family is Mennonite. His grandparents (who are now passed away), aunts and uncles provide such a solid foundation of Christian Faith that I am so grateful that my children have. His grandparents had the most godly marriage I think I have ever witnessed. Joel and I try to model our own marriage after theirs, and say that if we ever get to our 70's with a marriage like theirs, we will count ourselves to have succeeded in life.

And, like I said, I attended a small Southern Baptist college. Oh, and I should mention that my parents and siblings now belong to an Assembly of God church.

And that is just a little bit of my faith history :)
Mostly, however I would explain my faith by saying that I am a sinner, saved by grace, totally in love with my God who first loved me so much that He sent His only Son to die for my dirty, filthy sins. I can now have life eternal because of His great love. Praise God!!

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