Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Day

Today, Life= Reading and math lessons with my kids, fixing food to take to my in-laws for dinner, lunch with my mom, my 6-week checkup at the midwife's office, grocery shopping, dinner at Joel's parents, attending a viewing at the funeral home for a kind man from church who passed away unexpectedly, plus a nursing baby, a two-year old with an incredibly sore diaper rash, and waiting for my husband, who is at the church setting up tables for the funeral dinner tomorrow, to get home. Yeah, life is busy right now, and not looking to slow down anytime in the next few days. I'll check back in here when it's a little slower :) In the mean time, thanking God for my blessings, and every day He's given me with them....funerals always give me a fresh realization for how blessed life is.

1 comment:

Heidi Yoder said...

Hey Jaime! Thank you so much for all that your're doing for our family! It was so nice that you came and waited in line with your children as long as you did!! Thanks so much it means so much!!


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