Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lots of pictures :)

Random pictures from my camera from this past week or so. I'll try to explain each one :)

Eli on a VBS float in a local parade

I found them like this one day ......

Noah has completely changed his opinion of the water.
He now loves it!

Eli searching for bugs---a common pastime

My sweet girl practicing her rolling.

What's to explain? Fun in the sun :)

My little fishes

My mom and Leanna

At a family reunion

Two cousins. We thought it was funny that they
were both leaning in :)


Anonymous said...

I loved those photos - especially the second one, how precious are your two girls, soooo cute :-)

Elizabeth said...

ditto....I really loved the pic of Cosette and Leanna...they are perfect for each other :) I read the blog link you put up the other day about siblings....I would respond to the woman who 'couldn't do it to her child to have another child' that I couldn't NOT do that to a kid....I wouldn't trade my years of brotherly torture any day....they would protect me, stand up for me, be there for me ANY DAY and I would do the same. I babysat a neighbor kid when I was in Coudersport (the family is still good friends of ours). I always felt kind of sorry for him though because he was the only child. His life was so 'boring' compared to mine.


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