Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A quick update on our life, since that's all I can seem to find time for lately:

  • Cosette and Eli learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels---on the same day! They are having so much fun now!

  • Eli is learning how to read. We're using the same book we used with Cosette, "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" I've heard that people either love or hate this book. Well, we're having great success with it for the second time so far, so I guess that means we're among the 'love it' crowd! Eli is so excited that he is learning to read!!

  • Eli has been spending his summer picking flowers for me. Most of the time, they are just wild flowers. But yesterday, he came in with another bunch----- two from the neighbors yard and one from my flower bed! :/ We had to have a gentle talk about where we pick flowers from....

  • I am feeling good and mostly recovered from having the baby. I've been slowly getting back to the treadmill and re-introducing my body to exercise :) I've found that the 'baby belly' is a little more stubborn to leave the 4th time around....but leave it will, if I have to do tummy crunches 'till....well, until it leaves ;)

  • Joel and I are looking at hopefully the last few months of 'no spending' until we reach our financial goals. I, at least, am so excited, and I think he will be too. It was a good exercise in self-discipline for a whole year to do this, even if we didn't have to. It was awesome to see how much money we could actually save if we ever really had to simply by cutting out things like eating out, un-necessary clothes buying, home decor, check-out line buying ( you know, that extra candy bar you throw on the belt just to hold you over). We even eliminated all 'running through drive through' to grab a soda on a hot day, picking up those cool new dishes at WalMart you'd love to have for the kitchen, etc. In other words, if it wasn't something already worked into our budget, such as tithe, groceries, electric, phone bills, etc, then we didn't spend money on it. Try it some time---you'll be AMAZED at how much the little stuff adds up! Anyway, our last month of 'no spending' and the reaching of our financial goals happens right before my birthday----so I intend to enjoy a huge steak dinner this coming October! :)

  • Leanna rolled over. Five times. No kidding. Yes, she's only a month. No, none of my other kids have ever done that before that early! Go figure.

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Elizabeth said...

haha...I just had a funny thought. I have a theory to why/how Leanna is rolling over this soon and the others weren't. My theory is that by the 4th pregnancy, your belly was stretching a little more than it could with #'s 1-3 so, the baby had more room to wiggle around. This encouraged her to flip sooner whereas the others were probably so used to being squished for so long that they didn't even try until later :) Theory # 2. Leanna's a genius..or a gymnast...one of the two ;)


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