Saturday, June 12, 2010


Don't worry, friends, I haven't forgotten my blog. It's just that we've been busy learning how to function as a family with all our little ones :) The good thing about four children five and under is that I have plenty to keep me busy. The bad thing about four children five and under is....I have plenty to keep me busy ;)

Leanna Rose is doing well---eating well, sleeping well, filling up those diapers.....we love her to pieces!

We've been busy with friends and family visiting to take a peek at our little one....trying to keep the summer bugs and pests out of our garden and strawberry patch......Joel has a business trip the beginning of next week.....we're attending a good friend's wedding today.....Cosette gets to be a flower girl in another friend's wedding at the exact same time (thank goodness for loving Aunt's who can help mommy and Daddy be two places at once!).......and so life goes. I'll try to stop in later with some more pictures. My good friend Liz was here yesterday and took several nice ones....we'll say how my day goes :)

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