Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Older' Men :)

At three weeks of age, our daughter is proving to be quite the man-magnet. Check it out:

She started out with 'older' men----quite a bit older, to be precise. Her wise, loving Mama suggested maybe she should stick with someone a little younger.

Leanna and Great-Pappy John

So, she hopped down a generation or two. And, although this particular man loved her more than life itself, he was still just a little bit too old.

Leanna and her Daddy

This guy was her next choice, and although he also adored her, I wisely suggested to her that she stick with someone MUCH closer to her own age.

Leanna and Uncle Wray

Aha, I think we have a winner ;)

Leanna and Cousin Dale


Elizabeth said...

I love the new layout! :) It reminds me of chocolate :) Like I needed to be reminded..... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey love! I like the new blog design. :)

- Joel


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