Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lovin' life

Summer days. Watching and living them through the lives of my children. Running through the hose with swim-suits on. Playing on the swing-set. Picking fresh strawberries out of the garden. Wearing your favorite bright summer shirt three days in a row before Mom finally confiscates it for the laundry. Eating Daddy's grilled food and corn on the cob, and generally trying to stay out of the kitchen. So glad it's only June!

And then, of course, we're all kind of preoccupied with lovin' on this little one:

Leanna with Grandma Rhoda at a wedding
last Saturday.

Just enough hair for a barrette, which is a ton
more than Cosette had at this point, so
I'm tickled ;)

She always looks so serious in pictures, but we've
caught her smiling and cooing and grinning
several times now. She has a generally very
pleasant and easy-going disposition.

When else can you lay on a blanket like this
and everybody goes 'Awww'????

Showing off those beautiful blue eyes.
We don't know if they'll stay that way---
but if they do, we find it amusing
that both our girls have blue eyes,
and both our boys have DARK brown :)


Elizabeth said...

I just had a feeling there would be a new post this morning...I LOOOOOOOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!! :) : ) :)

I would say the purple outfit is my favorite but she really looks adorable in ANYTHING :) Including the naked picture..hahaha! :)

Kristin said...

In the third picture down she looks like she's doing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' dance move :-]


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