Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cosette and Leanna :)

Cosette has waited a long time for a
'sisters' picture like this :)


Anonymous said...

I commented on this very picture on facebook. It really might just be one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen. They are both beautiful.
Congratulations again!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, I can only imagine how happy Cosette is right now. It reminds me of a teary-eyed story I heard at my god-parent's daughter's wedding in October. Her older sister Shonelle talked about how she waited her whole life (she was about Cosette's age) for a little sister and when her mom got pregnant, there was simply no other option, it HAD to be a girl :) She went on to talk about how much she loved her sister and how she was so proud of her and who she had become. I have never had the blessing of a sister. I love my brothers very much! But, I can see there is a really special bond there. Those two will have each other the rest of their lives :) HOW COOL! I just know Cosette's going to make an awesome big sister :)

Chuck said...

paste cosette's face next to
"Happy" in the dictionary


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