Saturday, May 01, 2010

This is a rather long post with lots of pictures. Sorry for it's length, but maybe you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee. In fact, go make yourself one of these coffee milkshakes like Joel did for me last night :)


First things first---my funny story for the day.

I was sitting in WalMart today having my hair trimmed, and remarked to the hair-dresser about my 'little girl' at home. She, (who could obviously see that I was pregnant) replied "Oh, wow, I bet you have your hands full, with a 5 1/2 year old and one on the way!" It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. I wondered what she would think if I told her about my OTHER two little ones at home, almost 4 years old, and close to 2 years old. I decided to leave well enough alone and just not mention them :)


Second of all, and the MAIN reason for this post, was Noah's first 'real' hair-cut today. I'd been putting it off and putting it off. I like little boys with a head-full of hair! But, as my husband so kindly reminded me, little boys, 80 degree weather, and sweaty hair do not go well together. So, off it all came, at least for the summer :) I was rather proud of myself, I didn't shed a single tear. Cosette, on the other hand, was blubbering away......but that's okay :)

Here is the best 'before' picture I could get. It really was
pretty long and curly!

He sat really still during the haircut, which we were glad of!

The first 'after' picture. As you can see, he's still down-right cute! ;)

Even cuter all cleaned up with his pj's on! (The scratch under his nose was from a tumble he took running down the gravel drive-way the other day)

And now, how do you like my 'Pete and Repeat?'


Last thing, I promise. Cosette has been taking piano lessons (from me, of course!) for the past month or so. She is doing really well! She had been begging me for a long time to teach her how to play, so I thought it was probably time. As long as she's enjoying it, I'll keep working with her. Don't worry though, we don't expect her to become a 'little Jaime'. If it's a real interest for her, then great. If not....well....she already wants to be a doctor, a midwife, a ballerina, a mommy, and a piano player when she grows up. Now she's looking forward to playing soccer next spring. I don't think she has any lack of motivation :)


Elizabeth said...

I DO Love pictures :) I can't get over how similar Noah and Eli look. I'm imagining a mini-Cosette around your house soon :)

I went and got my hair cut today too!!! The lady was kind of in a hurry and I went somewhere cheaper (partially to save money and partially because everyone else was closed and I couldn't stand my hair any longer!) Anyways, let's just say I learned that a cheap 15 minute hair-cut can be just as satisfying as an arm and a leg and an afternoon somewhere else! (And I got all my grocery shopping done too!!!

Summer is just around the corner....and so is your baby...I just bought baby clothes today for Malorie's baby shower that I'm throwing (well, Beth Wallace and I are throwing it) in about 2 you have any gift ideas/wish lists you can give me for your little one?

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Pete and Repeat. It's amazing. We will be calling them by each others names for sure. I agree - the curls were lovely, but one must be practical sometimes.

Mom C

Anonymous said...

Wow, now you will have to label all the posted pictures or this becomes too difficult ;-)

I think that 'hobbies' that Moms care a lot for, also can easily be passed to the daughters. My Mom loved reading and gardening and cooking and playing the guitar... I got all of this, except that I had 8 years of classical guitar lessons (including pratising at home) and that got it over the top and by now I am fed up with this part...


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