Friday, May 14, 2010

Some thoughts

I read a post the other day that made a lot of sense. Sadly, I can't remember where it was to give credit where credit is due. However, the basic idea of the post was that too much 'hype' is made over the 'holy calling' of motherhood. The author said that too many women make motherhood out to be 'the ultimate' fulfillment of a women's 'destiny', the 'best' way to serve God. In reality, this is not true. The real 'ultimate' destiny is to be more like Christ---to know Him, love Him, and serve Him more fully.

For some, that may be as single women giving their utmost to God. It may be the nurse, faithfully serving her patients day in and day out. It may be the teacher, making a difference in children's lives on a daily basis. It may be the_______fill in the blank----anybody who is following God's call on their life. And yes, it may be as a wife and mother, raising children to please the Lord.

But if we let our true identity get 'wrapped up' in our children, and not in Christ Himself, we have lost the focus. If we are trying to be 'good' Christians by what we do as mothers, and not being good mothers BECAUSE of who we already are in Christ.....we've got things backwards. Does that make sense? Being a 'good' mother should be a result of who we are in Christ, it does not MAKE US who we are in Christ. Who we are in Christ---sinners, saved by grace----does not change, whether we have a house full of children or none at all.

It kind of puts everything into perspective. I love my kids. ALOT! But, because I love my kids, I'm going to do my utmost to not let them take first place in my life---that slot belongs to Jesus. I'm going to try to let HIM define me, and hope that His love, His grace, His forgiveness, everything good about HIM will flow through me and into my children's lives. Otherwise, all is vain for me---I am simply a 'back-wards' mom, trying to do it all on my own.

Wiping sticky hands and snotty noses, changing dirty diapers, teaching letters, reading stories, giving hugs----a noble calling? Sure, absolutely. But embrace your calling in Christ, and let HIM define who you are as a mother :)

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Elizabeth said...

Jaime, this makes COMPLETE sense....I think in any area of life, when we try to be really good at whatever it is we're called to do, we start feeling a sense of never quite measuring up. Rather, when we look at our lives through the perspective of God's grace, we are more capable to do the good that He wants us to do and not throw things out of perspective trying to be perfect. And as a result, his perfect love and grace is more evident in our lives!

p.s. the girls are visiting me tonight and tomorrow night for Malorie's baby shower and I got to see and feel the baby kick and move, and get the hick-ups. SO COOL!!! :)


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