Friday, May 07, 2010

Quiz :)

Monday is 'full term'--or 37 weeks. This is the point at which a doctor or mid-wife would no longer panic if you suddenly go into labor---the baby is considered fully developed and able to 'thrive' on it's own outside the womb. So, with that said, I couldn't help but put this little 'quiz' out there. Leave me a comment with your answers. The winner will receive---well, nothing :) But if you're in town in the next month or so, I'll let you hold my new-born baby :)

So, onto the quiz. How well do you know Jaime and her 'babies'?

1. Jaime's first baby was born:
a. On her due-date
b. Five days early
c. One day late
d. Two weeks late

2. Jaime's preferred method of childbirth is:
a. Forget the pain, give me the drugs!
b. Take it as it comes
c. Don't think of coming anywhere near me or my back with that needle!!
d. Sit in a tub of hot water

3. With her last baby (Noah), Jaime:
a. Made it to the hospital with hours to spare
b. Got there just in time to sign papers and push that baby out!
c. Didn't make it 'in time'

4. A fun tradition that Joel and Jaime have after a baby is born:
a. Eat donuts---lots of them!
b. Watch an old movie
c. Take a family photo

5. Jaime's biggest difficulty for this entire pregnancy has been:
a. Morning sickness
b. Dry skin
c. Severely sore and bleeding gums
4. Braxton Hicks

6. So far, the only baby to be a 'surprise' for Joel and Jaime was:
a. Cosette
b. Elias
c. Noah
d. 'Toucan'

7. How big was Jaime's 'biggest' baby?
a. 7 lb, 11 oz
b. 8 lb, 4 oz
c. 6 lb, 13 oz
d. 7 lb, 9 oz

8. During labor, Joel's biggest job is to:
a. Bring me ice-chips
b. Press really hard on my back
c. Sit down and be quiet
d. Offer encouraging words

9. Jaime handled her first labor and delivery:
a. Beautifully, just as planned, without a problem!
b. As well as could be expected
c. It was a night-mare, and Joel was almost ready to say 'One is enough'

10. When do YOU think baby Toucan will be born?
a. Early---before her due-date
b. Right on her due-date
c. Late (pick this answer and you're dead meat!)

All that is necessary is to give me your letter answers in order :)


Kristin said...

Am I allowed to answer these? :)


Elizabeth said...

I cheated....I read Kristin's answers and I'm going to agree with all of hers cause she's your sister and probably knows MUCH better than I do! Not even probably. I'm sure she does! I was unsure of: #'s 1, 4, 5, 6 I just had to think about and then was pretty sure I knew who it was!, 7, 8, and 9. Wow, I don't think I'm getting such a good grade on this! Baby due date. I'm going to guess: (if May 31st is your due date?) that baby is coming May 28th.

Anonymous said...

a, c, b, a, b, a, a, b, c, c (Guess I'm dead meat:)

Anonymous said...

I just realized that on number 6 I was confused. By "surprise" I was thinking you meant that you didn't know the sex of the baby, which didn't make sense to me because I thought you knew the sex of all of them. Now I realize that you meant which one the pregnancy was a surprise for. I do know that was Noah.

Anonymous said...

OK...probably not a good idea for me to dothis. I hope I'm not shamefully 'off' on my answers. Off the top of my head i say


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