Saturday, May 22, 2010

Killing Time.......

Okay, it's now reached the point where I'm ready to play the guessing game. Remember this, dear family? Before Cosette was born, we asked a series of questions regarding her birth, like "When do you think she'll arrive'', that type of thing, and wrote down everybody's responses. After she came, we checked to see who had won. I actually forget who it was! We didn't do that with either of the boys, but I'm feeling rather impatient right now about getting her here, so a little guessing game might give me some needed humor :) AND, since I have a blog this time around, you all get to join in the fun. Simply leave me a comment and answer the following questions in order. The person who get's the most answers right (or the person who guesses the closest on the most answers) wins. Your prize? You are free to ask me any question about my self, within reason, that you've always been dying to know (such as, why does Jaime have such an ugly yellow color background on her blog right now?) and I will answer it for you :) So, without further ado:

1. What will the date of 'Toucan's' arrival be?
2. At what time will she be born?
3.What color will her hair be?
4. What color will her eyes be?
5. How much will she weigh?
6. Any guesses as to her real name?
7. And finally, is she actually a girl, or are Joel and Jaime in for a big surprise?

Have some fun and answer my questions! If for no other reason, you'll give this tired pregnant Mama an interesting read ;)

Oh, and for those of you who are curious to the answers of the quiz I did a couple weeks ago, check out my sister's response. She answered the most correctly by far :)

Edited after-thought: My sister and sister-n-law are not allowed to answer question number 6 :)


Elizabeth said...

May 29th
8:16 pm
6 pounds 7 ounces
Kristen Marie

Anonymous said...

June 4th (sorry)
No hair
6lb 12 oz
Meagan Brooke
She's a girl
Hope I did better than last time:)

Kristin said...

June 1st
9:23 pm
A very lite skiff of blonde hair :)
7lb even
Can I guess her name?! I KNOW her pretty name :)
For Cosette's sake, I hope it really is a girl :)

Chuck said...

the set time that's cheating 6/3
(with the grace of God just oozing from you, of course)
black hair
light blue
7lbs 7oz
Kristin knows!! how is that possible, what horrible form of torture did she use (or did she just pretend to go along with the lie that she is ONLY 5 inches taller than you)
Rebekkah Rachel
or Nicole Marie

Anonymous said...

Well, here I go! As a Dad I should do well, but I'll miss em all. LOL!
Pappy Shaun
#1.) May 28th (because of all the work Jaime did today!!!-post from May 26th)

#2.) 11:11pm

#3.) Strawberry Blond

#4.) Dark Blue

#5.) 6lb.2oz.

#6.) Elizabeth Joy

#7.) Yes it will be our little girl, with an extra one for good measure!!!! LOL!!!!


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