Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day---Keepin' it 'real'

On this, my 6th actual Mother's Day, I was going to show you one of those typical, sappy, sweet photos of the three children who made me a mom in the first place. I pictured all three kids, dressed in their Church clothes, hair neatly combed, smiling beautifully at the camera.

But, I forgot to snap the picture before they changed their clothes. And I forgot to snap the picture entirely until right before naptime. So let's just say, the sappy, sweet, perfect picture didn't happen. Take a look for yourself:

And oh, it gets worse. Cosette apparently had to sneeze in this next shot:

This next shot is the 'best' out of the three, although the lighting is way off and Noah still won't look at the camera.

But then I realized "Hey, this is reality, right?" I have three very human, very REAL children-----not stuffed models to pose for a picture :) And this is 'really' them---Eli with his goofy grins, Noah with his thumb in his mouth---I love them all!!

As Joel was leading worship this morning, I held Noah, facing me, perched on my 'shelf' (my belly). He would lay his head on my shoulder, wrap his arms around me and snuggle for a few minutes. Then he'd put his head back up, look me straight in the face, and proceed to plant about a half a dozen wet slobbery kisses all over my face. He must have done this about four or five times during the singing this morning. I felt a rush of warmth go through me as I hugged him tight and returned his sweet kisses. He'd grin up at me, and you could just SEE real love radiating out of his eyes as he gazed up at his precious Mama.

Motherhood. Catching the precious moments---even if they happen in the middle of church.

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Chuck said...

REAL is better
and of course, love from a child, fits perfectly in church, may have even been a "living parable" for someone who saw it


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