Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going through my cluttered brain....

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Half-way through another week! ( I usually don't 'count' weeks, but with a baby on the way....every day matters!) There are several things I want to share with you, none of which are large enough on their own to do a post. So, I'll just combine them.

First of all, the kids (the big kids, that is) and I recently started an art book, just for fun. It's not really 'school' per se, since Cosette is now officially done with first grade. It's just something to have fun with over the summer. Anyhow, the book is all about how to draw 'animals of the world'. I myself am a terrible artist. I couldn't draw a stick figure 'to save my life'! I wanted my kids to have more confidence AND real ability than that---even if it doesn't end up being their 'gifting', so to speak.'s first lesson was on drawing Asian Elephants. First we talked all about Asian and African elephants, and what their differences are, and what an elephants trunk can do...that type of thing. Then we set out to draw one with the instructions from the book. I was pretty proud of both my kiddos. Here is Eli's depiction of an elephant, which I thought was pretty good for a just-turned-four-year-old:

And here is Cosette's rendering of the same elephant:

What a difference 17 months in age can make!


Next thought:

My parents and sister kept all three kids for us last Monday night, and brought them home about 3:00 Tuesday afternoon. I don't even REMEMBER the last time I had the whole house to myself for that long. It was SO quiet! I took a looooong shower, read a book, took a nap, made some awesome apple-pecan bread, and spent the afternoon organizing yet more things in prep. for this baby. It was an awesome day. However, I must say that I was glad to get my kiddos home again! I enjoyed the quiet----but only for a day! I would probably be pulling my hair out if it was that quiet all the time! It helped me to realize what a blessing it is to have my little lady and favorite little guys around all the time!


Third thought: Can I just rant and rave for a minute??

I do not look my age. I know this, because people tell me this all the time. I wish they wouldn't! I struggled with it when I was in college, and fellow students told me they thought I was a visiting high-schooler! Or when I walk up to a cash register and I get this same conversation every time: "When is your baby due? Girl or boy? Your first? OH!! Your 4th??!!! You don't look OLD enough!" Honestly, folks, when I'm in my fifties and wishing I DID look younger, THEN you can tell me I do. But not now, please! I'm a college graduate, happily married, with three children and a fourth on the way, and this close to being completely debt free. Please don't tell me I look like I'm twelve! I'd really like to fool at least myself into thinking that I look like a mature (getting close to the big 3-0) mother and wife, and not a pre-teen! I've tried different hair-cuts, different clothes, different make-up routines---nothing helps. It really doesn't help matters either that I have a YOUNGER sister who is like five inches taller than me, has a much nicer figure, and a hair-style that's to die for. I can't grow five inches, change my build, and my hair-style is just stuck the way it is with this thick head of hair. I know, I know---this is a problem in my life. I need to be content with who I am, how I look, how God made me. I'm working on it, I really am. It's been a problem for a loooooong time. But it's hard when I think that people are looking at me not realizing that I'm a mature, almost-30 year old woman!! I feel sometimes as if other's feel like I'm playing 'house'. Make sense? So, in the meantime, if you see a young mom with kids in tow, please don't tell her how young she looks! Try this line instead: "My, what youth and vitality you possess for having your hands so full! You must make some man very happy!" THIS might bring you a smile :)

And before you criticize me for being totally vain and self-centered, please remember that I am simply sorting through the 'clutter' in my pregnancy brain right now. We ALL have issues that we deal with.....this just happens to be one of mine. I will pray for godly-contentment, and work on making my 'inner self' beautiful and Christ-like, if you will pray that I can magically grow five inches, please ;)


Last thought: Baby Toucan's arrival is drawing closer. Things seem to be 'picking up', with contractions happening through-out the days now. Of course, this could still mean a couple more weeks, but at least I'm feeling a little more re-assured that she won't stay in there forever :) We'll keep you updated as things progress:)

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