Friday, May 28, 2010

Going green...and red, and yellow, and orange.......

I took the plunge. As of today, there is a basket full of 'one size fits all' pocket diapers sitting in my hall-way. If you're unfamiliar with this idea, let me expound :)

When I was pregnant with Cosette, I considered the whole 'disposable vs. cloth' diapers issue. At the time, the only cloth diapers I knew about were the big white ones you get in packs from WalMart. I was imagining folding, and folding again, pins sticking babies, plus diaper covers to keep it all in! My practical side won over, and we went with disposable. For three children.

Then, after talking to my sister-in-law, she suggested a cloth diaper more like these. They are brilliant! They are a cloth, washable diaper---but oh so much different than what our mothers used to use!!

They come in 'one size fits all', from newborn through 30-something pounds. They are pre-folded diapers that open up just like a disposable. They are lined with the softest material you've ever felt, and you simply stuff an insert down into the center of them. Then, you snap the diaper up to the size you want it, just like you would fasten a regular store-bought diaper.

You don't have to soak them in any special solution to get them clean. You just dump them in a dry pail until you're ready to wash.

This particular deal I found on e-bay was fantastic. However, they did come from China, so if you have a problem with that, you might consider buying a more 'familiar' brand, such as 'BumGenius', or 'Fuzzi Bunz', although you'll end up paying a pretty penny more.

Reasons for this crazy adventure that I just embarked myself upon??

1. It's cheaper. Yes, you have to 'put out' an initial bundle, but in the long run, everything I've read says you'll save money!

2. A little 'greener'. Our family is not into the whole 'going green' movement---but we do like to engage in practical things to do our part. We recycle, we use re-usable grocery bags----and all those diapers I was tossing in the trash can every day were starting to get to me!

3. From what I've heard, they're a whole lot better for babies who tend to have bad diaper rash, etc.

4. They feel oh-so-much-more comfortable! The fleece lining inside these things is so soft! The whole diaper just looks comfy! When I put it on Noah today, he seemed to agree.

5. They're fun! The package I bought came with four each of bold, bright red, green, baby blue and yellow colors. Noah could hardly contain his excitement---he wanted to wear one of each color athe same time! :)

6. They're just plain cute. Tell me you've ever seen anybody sweeter than this little guy in his orange diaper, trying on his orange goggles! :)

Now, grant it, I am speaking from the view-point of a very, VERY inexperienced cloth diapering adventure! Maybe I'll try them for a month and hate never know. I'd be interested to hear any input from other moms out there who have already tried pocket diapers.

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