Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  • Noah recently discovered that he LOVES apples. He keeps 'forgetting' to ask me first, and is thus stealing apples out of the fruit basket all day long. So far today, I've found three half-eaten apples laying around my house with tiny little-boy teeth marks out of them :) It's pretty cute, though, to see him walking around for an hour or more with this apple in his hand!

  • Cosette is right now washing the dinner dishes. She fills up the left-over zip-lock bags from Joel's lunch box with water, zips them up, and then gives them a 'spanking' (her own words!) to get them clean.

  • What Cosette wrote in a recent Mother's Day Card to Joel's Mom: "I am lucky to have a Grandma like you, and you are lucky to have a granddaughter like me!" lol. Can anyone say "High self-esteem?"

  • Eli wanted to know today if my Uterus was going to 'pop' like a balloon when the baby is born :)

  • When naming random names that he liked for the baby, Eli managed to come up with the exact middle name we have picked out for her! Clever boy!

  • In her 'final' first grade paper, Cosette said that "I liked learning about eagles flying down and eating something that is dead and leaving only grass'' Um........I don't recall any lessons even close to that subject line!!


Elizabeth said...

Haha! I think my favorites had to be the uterus 'popping' and the eagles eating something that is dead! :) You know when Cosette gets a little bigger, she would be REALLY FUN to play Balderdash with.

Elizabeth said...

and I have a good guess at the baby's middle name :) I guess I'll find out soon if I'm right or not!!

Beverly said...

Hello friend,
I have to keep checking on you and that sweet baby in your womb! I always like hearing about your very cute children, and the things they say.


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