Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flowers + Corn on the Cob + Gardens= Summer!

It was just one of those days that you have to blog about. A good kind of day! The kind of day where, when you get to the end of it, you sigh a big sigh and say "Yes, life is good!"

We started it out with a trip to the greenhouse. We stuffed our trays full of begonias, impatiens, marigolds, pepper and zucchini plants. Then, we trooped up to the register with our purchase. As I reached into my purse to pay, I realized with a sudden drop of heart that I had no checks. Not a single one. And this wonderful, huge, 'have everything' AMISH owned Greenhouse, did not accept credit cards. I looked at the lady, ready to apologize and leave, when she asked my name. I told her, and she said she thought she knew my mother-in-law :) "Why don't you just take the plants and mail me a check later?" she offered kindly. I gratefully accepted. As I turned to leave, balancing two trays of flowers, three kiddos, and a noticeably large belly, a kind older gentleman scooped the trays out of my arms, said '' Here, I got those for you", and took them to my van. Oh, bless him a thousand times over, Lord!! Just when you think there is no 'chivalry' left in the human race, you are proven wrong!

Well, we got home with all our flowers and the kids and I spent the afternoon planting our flowerbeds and garden. Yes, you read that right. I, four days away from my due date, planted my garden. Maybe it was a final 'nesting' thing, I don't know. But one way or the other, it's all planted except for the tomatoes and green beans, which Joel will have to tackle on his own :) Cosette even got to plant her own flowerbed around one of our trees, and she is absolutely in love with it!

Half way through our gardening, we stopped for corn on the cob for lunch. It was yummy! It was also Noah's first time to eat corn on the cob, and he loved it!

It is also one of Cosette's favorite foods, and this is how she looked when she was all done:

My husband got home and mowed the lawn, making our flowerbeds look even more impressive :) He then proceeded to grill the most awesome steak for dinner! We added roasted red potatoes with rosemary, an 'everything' salad, and fresh fruit to that, plus rocky road icecream for dessert. Maybe I was just really hungry after working outside all day, but it was one of the most enjoyable dinners we've made in a while!

The fan is blowing, the windows are open. There are flowers in vases all over my kitchen, thanks to my children who are constantly running outside to find more wild-flowers for Mama. I love it! My last load of sweet baby girl pink clothes are swishing around in the washing machine. (Did I also mention that our washing maching troubles from the other day were able to be fixed with a simple $24.00 cold water valve?? My husband is a handy man....)

It was probably one of the last days I will spend with just my 'three' kiddos---before too long, our family structure will change dramatically. I want to remember this day in my mind---Me, Cosette, Eli, and Noah, planting flowers and eating corn on the cob. *sigh* Yes, life is good......

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