Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A brief interruption

(This post is meant with all intentions of 'goodwill'.....mostly ;)
Okay, I interrupt this series of 'waiting for the baby' updates to bring you a rather ridiculous, but quite necessary, post. A while back, I made comment to the fact that my sister was something like five inches taller than me. Now, one of you friends out there (who shall remain nameless, but I think you know who you are) continues to plague me with remarks about how I am in serious denial about how much taller Kristin really is. (See comments to my last post if you're at all curious as to the guilty party :) I had to set the record straight---to save my own honor here, you see. I can't allow someone to walk around thinking that my baby sister is something like eight inches taller than me! I'm short......not that short!!

So, I lined my sister and I up on the wall tonight and mom measured us. Then we measured her. Funny thing is, while I was not misinformed about the height difference between Kristin and I, all three of us were wrong about how tall we were! We ALL thought we were at least an inch taller!! This is how it goes-Me--- 5ft,1.5 in, Mom--5ft, 2 1/4in, Kristin--5ft, 5in. Mom said in shock "I have never been that short in my life! I've always been 5' 4''!" Aha, right. Just like I've always been 5' 3''! We all agreed the measuring tape must be off ;) So anyway, if you do the math, it works out that Kristin is actually only 3 1/2 inches taller than me---NOT the seven inches that was being insinuated ;)
Just in case you doubt my honesty, I have a signed paper :) The number is crossed out because she had originally written 5' 6'' :) (Yeah, I know, I should have had a witness and had it dated.....I had three little tired kids running around while I was attending to this 'important' matter--give me a break ;)

And now that I feel better, if you haven't taken the quiz and commented on my last post, scroll down and do so :)


Helen said...

I bet you are taller when you are not pregnant - the baby is sure weighing so much that your spinal disks are not as much apart as they usually would.

So once little baby girl is there, you will sure have made up a few more inches towards Kristin :-)

Chuck said...

i stand corrected, now if we could only get someone to put that much energy into correcting the gulf oil spill!!!


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