Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Vroom vroom!'

My son has an obsession with anything that has a motor. No, not Eli, Noah! If I had to pin-point Eli's obsession right now, it'd probably be legos. But Noah's is definitely anything that goes 'vroom vroom'! This morning, as soon as he woke up, he found his toy motorcycle and started making his 'car' noise (which I can't figure out how to 'type' on here---it really is a good, deep, impressive car noise, though!) He then proceeded to make this car noise for....oh, the rest of the day, pretty much!

We had just pulled in the driveway from running some errands, and I made the mistake of putting Noah down so I could grab the diaper bag. When I turned around, he had spotted our neighbors riding lawn mower sitting out in his yard. Our yards kinds of 'join', so I don't think Noah realized that it wasn't sitting in 'his' yard. His eyes light up, and before I could stop him, he's running down through the yard at full speed to this lawn mower. Man, he looked like a toddler on a mission!!! Before I could catch up to him (picture pregnant Mama trying to run), he was already sitting up on the mower. When I finally got there, he looked up at me with happy eyes and said "Vroom Vroom!!" Talk about funny!! Part of me felt like scolding him for making me run so far, but the other part of me (the part that won!), just laughed and laughed, because he was obviously SOOOOO delighted to be sitting on this lawn-mower!

My son, the future motor cycle, car, race-car, rocket-ship, let's admit it, he's just a little boy who likes cars :)

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