Sunday, April 11, 2010

Receive the Kingdom like a child....

I looked down from my perch at the keyboard this morning during worship. The two big kids were sitting next to their Daddy. Joel was holding Noah in his arms. As the music played, Joel raised one of his arms in worship. Noah looked up in wonder at his Daddy. He studied him for a moment, then turned his little face to heaven and raised his arm as well. As long as Joel's arm was up, so was Noah's. As I struggled through my emotion to stay focused on my key-board, I thought "Noah does not realize it, but even now, he is being taught and trained to love his Heavenly Father. He may not understand this simple act of worship today, but in years to come, he will. And I pray that it will be natural for him to offer his all to his Savior"

"Lord, our task of raising these children is great. May we not waste even a precious moment..."


Beverly said...

Amen! God is good - and these moments so precious.

Chuck said...

yes yes
the teachable years
the teachable moments
this is why we pour ourselves out
here and now
May God grant our children repentance and faith.


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