Monday, April 26, 2010

The main goal of this first video clip was to show you how well Cosette is reading these days. I did manage to catch her reading the very last page of a book to Eli. However, we all agree that the most classic part of this clip comes right at the very end. Watch carefully, and see if you can see what caused us to replay this over and over :)

Have you ever seen a cuter cowboy?(The third picture is Cosette learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Daddy was a better help at this than Mommy!)


Anonymous said...

So funny!

I guess that is what third kids need to do to get attention?

Elizabeth said...

Noah is your little 'cowboy'. I love it! :) Hey, do you know that in the picture with you helping Cosette ride her bike, you don't look pregnant AT ALL!!! I admire how healthy you keep yourself, even through pregnancy. Just thought it would brighten your day to hear someone tell you ' You look skinny, Jaime!! Even with a baby almost here :) And, 'way to go Cosette for learning to ride your bike!!! When I come visit after the baby is born, maybe she can show me her new 'skill :) I think that has to be one of the scariest '1st times' as a kid!


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