Friday, April 30, 2010


One little girl with a cold and a cough
One little girl, who didn't sleep at nap time
One little girl, feeling down-right grumpy
One little girl, playing outside, and angry at her brother
One little girl, actually scratches brother's neck till there's blood
One little girl, needless to say, spent the rest of the night by herself in her room.
This little girl, who washes dishes and rides her bike
And helps her Mama and does her schoolwork
And reads like a big kid......
Is still ONLY five. Tonight was a reminder :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm sorry it was such a rough night for her and for you! Sounds like she needed a good dose of quiet time and sleep.

I spent the whole evening with the same family I babysat for last week. They have 5 children between 11 years old and 9 months. (4 girls and a baby boy). We had piano lessons for the oldest 3 and then ate pizza on their porch & ice cream inside and then they went to bed and I went home. What a nice evening to be spent with a Christian family. Although I've only known them about 9 months, I feel like they are a little bit of 'family' away from home. What a blessing when God connects us with other Christians!!

Will be hoping and praying for a more obedient and peaceful little girl tomorrow and a good weekend! :)


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