Saturday, April 10, 2010

The daily 'grind'

Today Cosette and I went to visit a good friend of mine. I hadn't seen her since October (waaaay too long, considering we only live an hour apart!!), and it was a wonderful visit. I'm grateful for friendships that can survive time apart, distance, etc :) Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a drive, and I enjoyed my time away (a grand whopping total of about 5 1/2 hours) When I got home, my two little guys were napping. Upon their waking, though, I was greeted by these two sweet faces:

And, I was glad to be home again! I mean, who wouldn't love having this little man on the left wrap his arms around you and pat you affectionately on the back, like he was soooo glad to see you??

I pour my life into my kids---literally. I am with them 24/7. From the moment they wake up in the mornings, till the moment they are asleep almost every day, I am there. I am the one disciplining, training, teaching, instructing, loving, caring, kissing boo-boos, giving hugs, playing with legos, etc.
Some have asked how I manage to stay home with three little ones ( and a 4th on the way!) every day, without losing my mind! Simple. Two easy words. My husband.
He is the one that keeps me going! He is the one that makes sure that 'breaks' happen for me! He understands my need to re-charge every once in a while so that my time with the kids can be more profitable and loving! If I get too worn out myself, I am 'less' than the Mommy that I want to be!
Here are examples of ways that need is met for me, both on a daily basis, and those 'extra-special' time outs.
1. I always get up in the mornings before my kids. I just like to have that quiet time where I can think, read my Bible, fix Joel's lunch--whatever, before the daily grind of changing diapers and general 'life' kicks in.
2. My kids all still take naps. BIG plus in my day! Do you know what a quiet hour or two in my afternoon does for refreshing MY spirit and body?? So if you ever call me between 2-4 and my phone is off the hook, don't worry, I'm not ignoring you----I'm just making every effort to keep those little ones asleep :)
3. Joel is great about making sure that I get those occasional times away. Like today. He kept both boys for me so that I could go and enjoy a visit with a friend. He also doesn't mind that I do a 'girls only' Bible Study most Thursday evenings, and he keeps the kids and gets them in bed for me those nights as well.
4. Date nights. These are absolutely necessary! Just to have a few hours alone with my husband where we can enjoy each other's company and finish every sentence we start is necessary for keeping our relationship strong and thriving! Maybe this won't be so necessary once are kids are all older, but for right now, it's a life-saver!! Lately, we've been trying to cut back alot on our spending (see previous posts for explanations on this), so we've been really careful about any eating out that we've been doing. Okay, we haven't eaten out at all lately unless we've used a gift-card from someone else! But 'date nights' can still happen---- movie nights at home, dropping the kids off at a Grandma's house for a few hours.....whatever :)
And that is how I keep on ticking. That is how I can continue to be excited, day after day, about...well, what I do, day after day :)
How do YOU recharge YOUR battery??

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Elizabeth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit today too, Jaime :) Thank you so much for coming! It was great to see Cosette too....she is growing up so quickly! She's still a little girl though, which I'm glad for (& I'm sure you are too :)

'Recharge time'? Here's some things: listening to the music on your blog & reading your blog (like I'm doing right now :) While eating my dinner I waited all evening for :); long talks on the phone with certain people I really enjoy talking to :); listening to worship music and just sitting here and praying/reading the Bible, unplanned, just as long as I feel like I need to until I've prayed for everyone I can think of, everything I could think of, and feel refreshed with God's word...that prepares me for just about anything!; house cleaning----this is weird, I know :) I like the immediate gratificiation; long walks and/or running...also weird, I know :) well...the running part anyways; baking/cooking and sharing it with others!!!

There's a long list....I can see how hard some of those things would be to fit in with 3 kiddos so, kuddos (no pun was intended there..haha!!! :) to your husband for being such a wonderful help to you...and to you for all that you do!


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