Sunday, April 25, 2010


Usually, the only cereals to enter our grocery cart are selections such as plain cheerios, bran flakes, kix, rice get the idea. My poor husband knows that the only hope he has of ever tasting such delicacies as Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs is to make it around to the next person's birthday. dad was shopping at Sam's Club the other day, and saw a HUGE box of chocolate cheerios. No, you read that right---CHOCOLATE cheerios. And he bought one for my husband. Because he really likes my husband, and takes pity on him having to deal with his wife's weird food ideas. My first thought when looking at the cereal was "Gross, could they mess up cheerios any more than that??!" But, the other night, Joel and I were sitting down so I could clobber him in a game of scrabble, (which I did), and he poured a bowl of these chocolate cheerios. The pregnant side of me won over. I thought "Oh, why not? It IS chocolate, after all. And it's NOT breakfast time, so what could it hurt?" I ate...ahem....three.... bowls of chocolate cheerios. Alright, alright, I'll say it louder. I ate THREE bowls of chocolate cheerios. And I have since become addicted. Good thing Dad bought a Jumbo size box. I still won't let my kids eat these for breakfast. I say it's for their good health----but mostly it's just because I want to save them all for myself ;) Although, the little 'heart' label on the front of the box DOES say "May reduce the risk of heart disease" Well, that does it. Anything that 'may reduce the risk of heart disease' needs to be eaten in large quantities, right? (Even if it does contain nine grams of sugar per serving.) But maybe I should tell Dad that next time he's in the mood to save us all from heart disease, he should just gift us with some fresh garden sweet peas.....or not :)


plantmyappletree said...

:-D ... too funny. Did you leave any of this for Joel :-)

Elizabeth said...

Haha!! My brother found these and bought a box a month ago or so. When my mom told me I could hardly believe it! I've been looking for them at Walmart when I go grocery shopping but haven't seen them yet. Well, you are pregnant and I'm sure that chocolate just helped you relax and enjoy being able to eat 3 bowls!! :) :) That's really funny.

Well, I have a massive test tomorrow evening and a bunch of other stuff during the day (including a presentation I have to give & a Bach Violin Concerto I have to perform and can't even play yet!! I could use a box of chocolate cheerios for each of those activities :) good night!

Chuck said...

Contact General Mills, I am pretty sure they would pay you for this advertisement!
Maybe even send you a free box, that you could hide somewhere in the house, Not that the addiction has proceeded that far yet?!


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