Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clearing my mind...

A post full of 'randomness'---because sometimes my mind just gets too 'full'

  • We bought next year's school curriculum today!! We're so thankful that a big homeschool curriculum fair happens just a couple of hours from our house. Fun, fun, fun!! I love what we picked out. I sat and looked through all the fun books tonight, and then made myself pack them back up and promise not to look at them again until after the baby comes :) Eli will be starting Kindergarten, and Cosette will be starting second grade. Oh, and did I mention I'll have a two-year old working on 'hands on' stuff and staying busy eating snacks, and a new-born baby? Motherhood truly is a 'full-time' career, but I'm loving every minute of it!

  • This next photo is just proof that my Noah-boy has always been my most cuddly baby.

  • Noah loves his baths. A lot. He loves them so much, he got in tonight with his socks still on :)

  • My kids are singing in church tomorrow. We've been practicing this song for a month now. They were doing fine with it. And for some reason, the past two days, Eli insists on singing his part in a different key than Cosette! Oh well. At least they'll be cute!

  • My main goals before the baby comes: Get out the bassinet and clean it up, and the car-seat too. Rent a carpet cleaner and scrub all the dirty carpets in my house. Finish first grade with Cosette and organize next year's school books. Have at least a dozen ready-to-go menu plans. Haha. I'll let you know which of these actually get accomplished :)

  • And finally, ending this post on a 'fun' note----My sister, who helped watch my boys today while we were at the curriculum fair, reports that Noah put pee-pee in the potty THREE times today. WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Even though I've seen you 8 months pregnant now, it still seems hard to believe another baby is almost here!! The excitement is mounting :) Now that we both realize it's not that far from here to there, please don't hesitate to ask for help....especially after she comes. I'll be out of school by that point and would be more than happy to come help with anything :) Any excuse to see you and the kids again :) Take care! Glad you had fun this weekend too

Anonymous said...

Extremely demanding goals my dear - I am not pregnant and to me it reads like a lot of effort...

Your post made me remember the new schoolbooks I got each year and that usually I had read them by the end of the very first week since I loved getting them so much.

And to your last remark: I see a pattern here - for whom else than Kristin would Noah do this ;-)

Can't wait to 'meet' the baby girl!


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